Darrell Simmons
Forbidden Alchemy
Health 12
Sanity 8
Skill Points 3
Strength 4
Marksmanship 6
Dexterity 5
Starting Items
Strength 4
Marksmanship 5
Dexterity 6
Starting Items
Flash Powder
Intellect 4
Willpower 5
Lore 5
Luck 3
Special Ability
Action: Once per game, you may gain 1 skill point for each Clue card that has been found.
Intellect 5
Willpower 6
Lore 7
Luck 2
Special Ability
Once per game, when a monster enters your room (or you enter a monster's room), you may look at the bottom of the monster's token.
Darrell Simmons
The Photographer
Core Set
Sanity Stamina
4 6
Special Ability
Hometown Advantage: Once per roll during his turn, Darrell may change the result of a die from 1 investigation to 2, from 2 investigations to 3, or (on yellow and red dice) from 3 investigations to 4.
Starting Items
ES-Icon CommonES-Icon Unique

Darrell Simmons is an Investigator that appears in the Mansions of Madness Forbidden Alchemy and Elder Sign Core Set.


His editor says he's just seeing things, but Darrell Simmons knows what he saw. He grew up in Arkham, and he's no stranger to the peculiar things that are known to happen here. However, this is different. He had never seen something so terrible in his entire life, and he has cursed himself ever day since for not having his camera on him to prove to everyone that he's not making this up. If they won't believe his words, maybe they'll believe his pictures when they are published in the Arkham Advertiser. Now he's seeking out the terror that's been haunting his dreams ever since that night, and he knows he's getting closer. This time he'll be careful. This time he'll come prepared. And, most importantly, this time he'll take pictures.[1]


The Mansions of Madness: Forbidden Alchemy and Elder Sign: Core Set Investigator cards for Darrell Simmons use an illustration[Which?] from UT-39: Freelance Photographer by Patrick McEvoy.

Notes and referencesEdit

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