Carolyn Fern
Forbidden Alchemy
Health 8
Sanity 12
Skill Points 4
Strength 3
Marksmanship 5
Dexterity 4
Starting Items
Walther Model 9
Strength 4
Marksmanship 5
Dexterity 5
Starting Items
Studies on Hysteria
Intellect 6
Willpower 6
Lore 5
Luck 3
Special Ability
Action: Once per game, you may take any number of horror (without exceeding your Sanity). For each horror you take, choose an investigator in your room to heal 4 horror.
Intellect 7
Willpower 7
Lore 4
Luck 2
Special Ability
Once per game, cancel an ability or the effect of a card that allows the keeper to move, attack with, or take an action with another investigator in your room.
Carolyn Fern
The Psychologist
Core Set
Sanity Stamina
6 4
Special Ability
Psychology: Once per day, at the start of any player's turn, Carolyn may cause any 1 investigator of her choice (including herself) to regain 1 sanity.
Starting Items
ES-Icon CommonES-Icon Unique

Carolyn Fern is an Investigator that appears in the Mansions of Madness Forbidden Alchemy and Elder Sign Core Set.


Carolyn Fern dwells in the minds of others. Using a complex form of hypnosis, she studies the psychology of her patients through their dreams. Through this practice, she has seen and heard many disturbing things, but nothing prepared her for her most recent patient, Malachi. Following one of their more vivid and troublesome discussions of his dreams, Malachi was brutally murdered. As if that weren't terrible enough, he was murdered with an ornate knife that he had described in one of his dreams. After hearing this news, Carolyn began reviewing her old notes concerning Malachi, anxious to find some kind of clue as to who he really was. Her research has finally led her to Arkham Asylum, where Malachi was once an inmate. Surely she will be able to find some answers here.[1]


The Mansions of Madness: Forbidden Alchemy and Elder Sign: Core Set Investigator cards for Carolyn Fern use an illustration[Which?] from UT-5: Paranormal Specialist by Guy Gentry.

Notes and referencesEdit

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